MY NAME "Deda"

posted 24 Nov 2013, 21:23 by Unknown user   [ updated 17 Sep 2014, 07:39 by Mr. C Sakai RTMS ]
What's in a name is that it separates you from somebody else, for example if you don't have a name people would have called you," yes, girl in the pink", or point at you and say "you, come here". I am not so sure what the meaning of my name really is but since my dad plays tons of instrument when he was little, he named me after the sounds, as in dede, didi, dido. I would have chose a different name for myself if I were a boy, such as a name like Dido, but since I'm not, so I decided to stick with my original name. Since my name means a lot to me because my parents named me, I've never wondered of changing it.