List of Korean shows I've watched

posted 21 May 2014, 06:18 by Unknown user   [ updated 17 Sep 2014, 07:39 by Mr. C Sakai RTMS ]
I'm going to be listing Korean drama shows that I've watched: I watched all of them from an app called Dramafever or Viki which you can download it on your Ipad or Iphone if your interested, and those who don't have one, try watching it on the computer on Viki. But before then this is all romance so you need your parents or an adults permission.
- My love from another star     - Playful kiss
- Gu Family Book                    -Moon embracing the Sun
- Bride of the Century             -Flower boys next door
- Beautiful Man                      -Boys over flower
- Dream High                         -Will it snow on Christmas
- Monstar                              -Who are you
- Arang and the magistrate      -King2Hearts