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Hi welcome to my blogs, I'm going to be posting a lot of the random topics that comes to my mind pretty much, such as topics like pets, food, books, celebrities, clothes, shows, korean actors, etc. So hope you enjoy reading them!!! What i really love to talk about the mostare the korean drama shows i am addicted to.


Cheese Chao

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I'm going to be talking about a character named Cheese Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog series. Cheese is Chocola's twin brother, Chocola looks just like Cheese except he is sort of brownish and Cheese is blue. Cheese is Cream the Rabbit's pet or what you can call, a friend/best friend. Cheese follows Cream the Rabbit everywhere and they never separate. 

List of Korean shows I've watched

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I'm going to be listing Korean drama shows that I've watched: I watched all of them from an app called Dramafever or Viki which you can download it on your Ipad or Iphone if your interested, and those who don't have one, try watching it on the computer on Viki. But before then this is all romance so you need your parents or an adults permission.
- My love from another star     - Playful kiss
- Gu Family Book                    -Moon embracing the Sun
- Bride of the Century             -Flower boys next door
- Beautiful Man                      -Boys over flower
- Dream High                         -Will it snow on Christmas
- Monstar                              -Who are you
- Arang and the magistrate      -King2Hearts


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Man, I love the build a bears they're so cute!!! There is this Build A Bear store in Square One that you go in and pick a bear and put stuffing's in it and then brush it and put clothes onto them. Then you would print out its birth certificate. There are different type of clothing for the bear or what other animal you buy, they sell dresses, jeans, skirts, pants, T-shirt, roller blades, chairs etc . 

Brides of the Century

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Its one of my favorite Korean drama shows, I like it because its fake and mysterious, Its technically about a guy named Choi Kang Ju whos engaged to Jang Yi Kyung, but theres this curse that the first bride of the family's first son is always cursed to die. The curse had started 100 years ago when the bride of the family's first son had a tragic death. (also relates to a ghost). If your interested in watching this show click on this link.

Kim Soo Hyun an awesome Korean drama actor!

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Kim soo hyun is my favourite Korean drama actor. He was in a few shows I tried watching, and they were so good. The shows I watched were called, Dream High, My love from the stars, The moon Embracing the Sun, and Will it snow on Christmas. He played a role as a main character in all these shows I enjoyed. I really like his acting, and I am looking forward to be watching more of his drama shows. If your people who enjoy watching Korean drama shows, I recommend you download an app called Viki or Dramafever. You can watch other Korean drama shows on one of these two apps on your device. Such as a show called, Monstar, Beautiful man or Who are you. Not all of the shows are only on romance but can be horror and or comedy. But just remeber that it would all be in Korean but will have the English subtitles that you can read off of.

Clothes shopping!

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Best clothing store I would recommend you try going to is called Justice. They sell shorts, shirts, jeans, sandals and more! They have really nice clothing's, bags and  accessories, which is sort of highly cost, but are really nice in style to wear! There's also a few other stores like Aredene and Siblings.
Justice, a girls and preteen accessories and clothing store, has expanded to Canada. They now have 8 locations open, all in Ontario. The locations are:
  • Bramalea City Centre (Brampton, Ontario - Morguard)
  • Colossus Centre (Vaughan, Ontario - RioCan)
  • Mapleview Shopping Centre (Burlington, Ontario - Ivanhoe Cambridge)
  • Upper Canada Mall(Newmarket, Ontario - Oxford Properties)
  • Scarborough Town Centre (Scarborough, Ontario - Oxford Properties)
  • White Oaks (London, Ontario - Redcliff Realty)
  • New Sudbury Centre (Sudbury, Ontario - Redcliff Realty)
  • Promenade Mall (Toronto, Ontario - Cadillac Fairview)
Based on these locations, London (south-west Ontario) to Sudbury (northern Ontario), and the diverse group of mall owners/operators, it looks like Justice plans to continue to expand across Ontario and probably Canada.
This link down here is where I found the 8 locations where you can find Justice.


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Small, has cute prickly pointed ears, foxy face, Is aware of everything going around him/her and keenly alerted to approaching strangers, they have curly tails, they're really active and hyper
Here's a little video on 8 weeks old baby Pomeranian: By the way I can guarantee you, well the "girls"  that you guys would be amazed on how ADORABLE these Pomeranian look in this video, and for the boys, I don't know.
Things you should know:
Always keep them on leashes because they're unaware of their own sizes, and they have the idea to take on larger dogs so you may want to keep them on leashes. Also they bark a lot.

Adorably black and white Panda's

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They're so cute cuddly, black and white. Females are called sows, males are called boars and young's are called cubs. 
Here is a link of pandas playing on slide:
Pandas live in bamboo forests on upper mountain slopes of western and southwestern China. In the winter, the panda finds shelter in bamboo thickets which they also eat the bamboo. When summer arrives, the pandas move up higher into the cold mountains.
If your interested in the panda's click on this link:

Kimchi is awesome!

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I love Korean food. It can be spelled as kimchee or gimchi, and it's a traditional fermented side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. It is often described as "spicy" or "sour".

Super Power

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The best super power would be invisibility,flying or mind reading because if you have invisibility, no one can see you, and you can be really sneaky with things with out getting caught, and flying because instead of having to use your legs to walk home or to school during the summer you can fly in speed, and get to anyplace or anywhere without being late most times.Also mind reading because then you can read anyone's mind, and know their thoughts. Anyways if I had to pick one I would have chosen mind reading because since I always want to know how people think about others and I want to know if they are lying or just being honest and I wouldn't have to stress out and worry or be curious and suspicious of what they're thinking, if I could read minds.

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