After the Storm

posted 14 Jan 2014, 06:15 by Unknown user   [ updated 17 Sep 2014, 08:48 ]
    Today I've decided to do a little report on the crazy weather that has been happening lately. This is definitely going to be boring, so you don't have to read it. Now it is time for the biggest, most greatest report for 2013 by the greatest and younger-than-usual reporter.
    Weather in Canada has been very crazy with climates dropping as low as - 23 in Ontario, while in other parts of Canada as low as -50. With ice storms happening many places had no energy due to tree branches falling down on electricity cables. With this chaotic weather, it is easy to imagine the endless possibilities of wreck.

    Some of the many mishaps that the weather has caused was the power outage. There were damages caused by trees. There were some pipe and water system damages. Also, there were a few road side accidents.

    The power outage was huge. Approximately 50,000 people had no electricity. This outage ran from Etobicoke to Pickering. The government tried to help those citizen but help did not come quickly. Some of those many citizens had to spend New Years Eve without electricity. In The Mississauga News for Wednesday January 1st 2014, there was an article about some home owners who live on there own land that still do not have electricity.

     In some areas of Mississauga many trees had fell down due to the weight of the ice. This blocked off some roads and had caused some electrical problems. Even now there are some tree branches scattered across the front yards of many families. This cold weather has managed to also damage the water system of many of the citizens. Some of the homes basements had become flooded. The pipes that run through the basements had become flooded. The pipes that run through the basements and outside had also cracked under the pressure of the ice.

       Currently the ice has made it hard for drivers to drive their cars. Due to the ice, some major interceptions had accidents or traffic jams, such as Hurontario Street. Even though this cold weather has its cons it also has it's pros. Because of this families can enjoy some winter sports such as hockey, skiing, skating, and tobogganing. 

       If this crazy weather continues then there is likely to be more havoc than ever. It seems as if Canada's weather is really going downhill. Even though there is bad weather, surely up ahead the pros make it a bit better.