21 Sanjana- A Splashing Good Time:)

Hi, my name is Sanjana and I am going to tell you a bit about my self.My favorite subject is Math and Physical Education. My favorite sport is Swimming. I like to watch Horror/Violent movies. I like to read a lot. Some of my favorite books include Divergent, Blood Red Road, Ender's Game and Pure. I totally adore puppies but I hate cats/kittens(no offense). My favorite song is "Red" by Taylor Swift.I don't really have a favorite color (it keeps changing every day or week). My best friends are Khushi,Aliza and,Zainb,Hebah and Lina.R  
The three things I am good at is as follows:



And That Is All I Would Like To Say About me

Swim Wear

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In swimming the thing that is the first basic is your swimming costume. If you don't have the right swimming costume you cant succeed in swimming. 

Swimming Facts

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  1. Good exercise: Swimming helps you exercise most of your body parts without straining your joints.
  2. Body strength: Swimming not only tones your muscles, it also helps strengthen your bones, especially at an advanced age.
  3. Endurance:  Swimming competitions are the best way to test and improve your endurance. The longer you swim, the more your body tolerates hard workouts.
  4. Fitness: Swimming burns about 450 to 950 calories per hour; it all depends on your pace.
  5. Osteoarthritis: If your joints hurt and your muscles are stiff, swimming is perfect to lower the pain; in the pool your body weight decreases, and reduces the pressure over your muscles and joints.
  6. Improves asthma symptoms: Swimming helps asthma patients in avoiding asthma attacks; it helps in their breathing methods and can improve their condition in general.
  7. Cool-down: Swimming after an intense out-of-the-pool workout, helps your muscles in their recovery as it restores your body’s blood movement.
  8. Relax: Swimming releases endorphins and has the same effects as yoga on the human body, thus helping in relieving stress.
  9. Self-improvement: Swimming teaches you discipline and sportsmanship. It gives you a healthy competitive edge, by pushing you to overcome your peers and/or yourself.
  10. Cool off: Swimming is the best way to cool off in the sizzling hot summer; no matter how high the temperature is, water never fails to freshen you up!



Swimming Tricks: How to float without treading water

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You need to try to keep your head above the water. Dont move your legs or your hands you just need to move your waist gently. 

If I had superpowers!!

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The best superpower to have would be I could time travel. I have done so many things I wish I could take back.
So the best superpower would be to have time travel.


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I think yolo is a good advice because you should try to live life and have fun and do the things you want to do. Like I love to swim but I also have to keep up with the academics. My parents think I should do swimming as an extracurricular activity and focus on my academics too. My parents think I should live my life and have fun. Therefore I think yolo is a good advice!

What is the meaning of my name?

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The meaning of my name'Sanjana'  is soft,gentle, untouchable and a unique creation of god. I think my name suits me very well because I can be very soft and gentle with people who know me more. If you were to ask any of my friends they would probably tell you I am really harsh and mean on the outside and really babylike on the inside. I would not change my name because I like my name the way it is. Alot of people mess up on the pronounciation of my name which is(Sun-j-na). 
My name was given to me by my parents and my name has a special meaning behind it which is why it means so much to me.

The Ultimate Greatest Candy Ever?

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My Favorite type of candy would definitely have to be nerds & everlasting gobstoppers. First I really like nerds because they taste sweet on the outside and sour on the inside. My second favorite is the everlasting gobstoppers because well they are everlasting and they are sweet and sour like nerds. Most people don’t really give out Nerds or gobstoppers on Halloweens. But we always have them in my house because my bother and I are obsessed with those!

This Year I'm Really Looking Forward To....

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All the extra curricular activities. I am really looking forward to joining Tech Team, Board Of Trustees as well as Ambssadors.I really want to sign up for some school teams like the soccer team e.t.c. I am looking forward to being a responsible and learning all leadership role. I am also looking forward to getting straight A's in all subjects like I usually do.I am also looking forward to meeting all my teachers and getting to know them better. 
The last thing I a looking forward to is "HAVING A GREAT GRADE 7 YEAR"

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